Chris Botti



Original Release: September 25, 2007

 1. Deborah’s Theme From “Once Upon A Time In America”   
 2. Italia Chris Botti featuring Andrea Bocelli

 3. Venice Chris Botti   

 4. The Very Thought Of You  Chris Botti featuring Paula Cole 

 5. Gabriel’s Oboe  Chris Botti   

 6. I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face Chris Botti featuring Dean Martin  

 7. Caruso    

 8. The Way You Look Tonight   

 9. It Never Entered My Mind   

10. Ave Maria  

11. Estate 

12. Nessun Dorma


A Thousand Kisses Deep

A Thousand Kisses Deep

Original Release Date: September 30, 2003

 1. Indian Summer   
 2. Do It In Luxury   

 3. The Look Of Love   

 4. A Thousand Kisses Deep   

 5. Ever Since We Met   

 6. Back Into My Heart   

 7. My Funny Valentine   

 8. The Last Three Minutes   

 9. If I Could  

10. She Comes From Somewhere

11. Love Gets Old


First Wish

First Wish

Original Release Date: February 28, 1995

 1. Worlds Outside   
 2. On The Night Ride  

 3. First Wish  

 4. Like I Do Now  

 5. Cubism   

 6. Through Tin Hearts  

 7. Longing   

 8. Nerve Central  

 9. Fade To Day

10. A Few More Days, A Few More Weeks


Live: With Orchestra and Special Guests

Live With Orchestra and Special Guests

Original Release Date: August 29, 2006

1. Someone to Watch Over Me

2. When I Fall in Love 

3. Thousand Kisses Deep

4. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?  – Chris Botti, Sting 

5. Good Morning Heartache  – Chris Botti, Jill Scott 

6. My One and Only Love  – Chris Botti, Paula Cole 

7. Look of Love  – Burt Bacharach, Chris Botti, Paula Cole 

8. Cinema Paradiso  

9. Pennies from Heaven  – Chris Botti, Reneé Olstead 

10. Are You Lonesome Tonight?  – Chris Botti, 

11. Lover Man  – Chris Botti, Gladys Knight 

12. My Funny Valentine  – Chris Botti, Sting 

13. Why Not  

14. One for My Baby 

15. Bows (Credits)  

16. Bonus Material


Midnight Without You

Midnight Without You

Original Release Date: May 20, 1997

 1. The Steps Of Positano
 2. Midnight Without You  

 3. Regroovable  

 4. Never Gone   

 5. The Way Home   

 6. When Rain Falls   

 7. Until Now   

 8. Mr. Wah  

 9. Forgiven  

10. Alone In The City


Night Sessions

Night Sessions

Original Release Date: October 2, 2001

 1. Lisa   
 2. Miami Overnight

 3. Streets Ahead

 4. Interlude  

 5. All Would Envy Chris Botti featuring Shawn Colvin  

 6. Best Time

 7. When I See You

 8. You Move Me    

 9. Blue Horizon    

10. Light The Stars   

11. Through An Open Window  

12. Easter Parade


Slowing Down the World

Slowing Down the World

Original Release Date: June 22, 1999

 1. Irresistible Bliss   

 2. The Look  

 3. Drive Time   

 4. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning  

 5. The Open Touch  

 6. Under A Painted Sky   

 7. Why Not  

 8. The Place Between Us   

 9. Same Girl   

10. Where I’m Calling From  

11. Letting Go


The Very Best of Chris Botti

The Very Best of Chris Botti

Original Release Date: 2002

 1. Regroovable  
 2. First Wish   

 3. Drive Time   

 4. Midnight Without You   

 5. Worlds Outside   

 6. Forgiven  

 7. Why Not   

 8. Mr. Wah   

 9. Like I Do Now   

10. The Way Home   

11. Irresistible Bliss


To Love Again

To Love Again

Original Release Date: October 18, 2005

 1. Embraceable You  
 2. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? Chris Botti featuring Sting   

 3. My One And Only Love Chris Botti featuring Paula Cole  

 4. Let There Be Love Chris Botti featuring Michael Bublé  

 5. What’s New?

 6. Good Morning Heartache Chris Botti featuring Jill Scott   

 7. To Love Again

 8. Are You Lonesome Tonight? Chris Botti featuring Paul Buchanan   

 9. Lover Man Chris Botti featuring Gladys Knight  

10. I’ll Be Seeing You Chris Botti featuring Billy Childs   

11. Pennies From Heaven Chris Botti featuring Renee Olstead   

12. Here’s That Rainy Day Chris Botti featuring Rosa Passos   

13. Smile Chris Botti featuring Steven Tyler


When I Fall in Love

When I Fall in Love

Original Release Date: September 28, 2004

 1. When I Fall In Love  
 2. What’ll I Do?   

 3. No Ordinary Love   

 4. My Romance   

 5. Let’s Fall In Love   

 6. Cinema Paradiso   

 7. Someone To Watch Over Me   

 8. La Belle Dame Sans Regrets   

 9. Nearness Of You   

10. How Love Should Be   

11. Make Someone Happy   

12. One For My Baby   

13. Time To Say Goodbye (Con te Partiro)

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  1. pabrown ha detto:

    enlightening, very enlightening- thank you so much, clears up a lot


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