David Benoit

Full Circle

Full Circle

Original Release Date: June 27, 2006

 1. Cafe Rio   
 2. First Day Of School   

 3. Water To Drink (Agua De Beber)   

 4. Beat Street   

 5. Six P.M.   

 6. Chasing The Tides   

 7. Neat With A Twist   

 8. Katrina’s Little Bear   

 9. Yusuke The Ghost   

10. Monster In The Attic 




Letter to Evan

Letter to Evan

Original Release Date: 1992

1. Letter to Evan 

2. Waiting for Love 

3. On Golden Pond 

4. Island 

5. Looking over Eastlake 

6. Knit for Mary F. 

7. Kathy’s Waltz 

8. Things Are Getting Better 

9. Spring Can Really Hang You up the Most 

10. Take 6 

11. Blues at Sunset 




Some Other Sunset

Some Other Sunset

Original Release Date: June 2, 1998

1. Some Other Sunset 

2. Oslo 

3. Oceana 

4. Can You Imagine 

5. Hermosa Skyline 

6. If I Could Reach Rainbows 

7. Stages 

8. Life Is Like a Samba 

9. I Remember Bill Evans 




The Best of David Benoit

The Best of David Benoit

Original Release Date: 1987

 1. Drive Time 
 2. Every Step Of The Way   

 3. Cast Your Fate To The Wind   

 4. Searching For June  

 5. M.W.A. (Musicians With Attitude)  

 6. Linus And Lucy  

 7. Kei’s Song   

 8. The Key To You   

 9. Freedom At Midnight   

10. Still Standing  

11. Wailea  

12. Letter To Evan   

13. Urban Daydreams   

14. Mediterranean Nights



American Landscape

American Landscape

Original Release Date: 1997

 1. American Landscape   
 2. Max’s Boogie

 3. Lost In Tokyo   

 4. If I Can Believe   

 5. A Personal Story   

 6. Rue De La Soleil   

 7. Saying Goodbye  

 8. Mr. Rodriguez’s Opus   

 9. Speed Racer




Every Step of the Way

Every Step of the Way

Original Release Date: 1987

 1. Every Step Of The Way   
 2. Shibuya Station   

 3. The Key To You   

 4. Remembering What You Said   

 5. Once Running Free   

 6. ReBach   

 7. Sao Paulo  

 8. No Worries  

 9. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You   

10. Painted Desert   

11. Saturdays



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